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Vladimir Horowitz

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Vladimir Horowitz - I received a call from his record label asking me if I wouldn't mind doing them a favor and doing a photo shoot of a non-rocker. I was told that this job was refused by their main photographer to suggested they contact me. OK I thought to myself I have been talking to the record company publicist for over twelve minutes so far and I still have not heard whom I will be photographing. The publicist went on to tell me that I probably will not know whom I will be shooting and that this person is a very elderly man who is a classical pianist. Being into classical music most of my life I knew right away that it was going to be. I was then told whom and when I said yes immediately the publicist asked me in surprise "you know who he is?" The shoot was in a place in the backstage area of Carnegie Hall. I shot both color and b&w and towards the end I popped in a roll of super fast b&w film and even pushed it higher to be able to shoot available light. At the end of the shoot I thanked him for being a great subject and mentioned that I have shot some of the top rockers in the business but this was the first time I was star struck.


800 ASA pushed
1/125 sec
50mm lens
Available light

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